My name is Helmut Rudajs and Reason Road is my baby. I am married and have two other children. I started this site circa August 2015. The essays speak for themselves.

We entered a “post truth age” a while ago when the Left (Liberals, Progressives, Secularists …  whatever) rejected  “truth” as a value. They do not search for truth but seek like mini-gods to create it.  Narratives replace truth.  Studies brainguyimagesreplace facts. Indoctrination replaces education. Politically correctness replaces free speech.  Fantasy replaces reality.

To what end, all this?
Bottom line: The Left seeks to replace the real God as they “transform America”.

Fantasy is necessary if you wish to replace a Creator who is the ultimate source of morality and truth … is necessary if you wish to persuade others you can take care of them better than they can themselves … is necessary because the history of mankind shows man is most prosperous and happy when he rules himself.

One of my favorite authors is the apostle Paul.  He liked to “reason with the Jews”. He divided existing knowledge into two camps: that which is “according to Christ” versus the “traditions of men”.  Paul once said:  “Follow me as I follow Christ”. I try on Reason Road to emulate his tradition of reason and discourse.  Here are some of the things that matter, at least to me:

Science matters because the natural world is proof of God:
So I discuss Intelligent Design and Darwinism.

Morality matters because spiritual laws are keys to happiness:
So I discuss scriptures, spiritual values, and their great Author.

Economics matters because it points the way to prosperity:
So I discuss free market capitalism, the only solution to poverty.

Evil matters because it is relentless and seeks to dominate or destroy:
I discuss terrorism, global warming, and excessive government; and any other device whereby man seeks domination over his fellow man.

You might say: “These are heavy themes, Helmut … lighten up!”.
Yeah … I was never good at parties, but that’s how my mind works. It’s who I am. Someone once asked Dave Gilmore of Pink Floyd why their music was so “heavy”.  He said “It’s who we are”.  That made me feel better.

We will see in the course of time how this child develops.

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