America faces two existential threats … radical Islam is the lesser of the two.

antiusToday we face two enemies. One threatens from without in the form of Islamic terrorism.

The other grows within: Secularism that is transforming our institutions, especially schools, universities and government, rejecting the wisdom of the ages and strength itself, and stultifying a people.  The more dangerous is the latter, since a strong America can defeat any foe including ISIS.  A weak America will in the course of time collapse under its own weight.

The European secular state and culture will probably cave to radical Islam. Secular Europe was slowly disappearing anyway, for demographic reasons. They lack the passion for sustaining civilization since they do not create in sufficient numbers the next generation. It takes sacrifice to have children but secularism embodies its moral opposite; selfishness.  Religion strives against selfishness. Radical Islam, like a hovering bird of prey, descends to hasten their demise.

Secular Europe inherited the strong legacy of Christian Europe, which in the course of time it proceeded to waste. America likewise became strong thanks to our religious heritage but since the 1960’s has weakened on account of secularism. The only thing that can save Western culture, here or in Europe, is what made it so dominant in the first place; Christianity and the values it teaches.

Technology cannot substitute for religion. Technology is neither a child of secularism, nor religion. The great scientists of the past all tended to be religious and were in part driven by religion in their quest to understand and invent. Technology can make civilization better in the short term but to make culture endure requires more; morality, not technology is the key to cultural longevity.

Morality is an unchanging system of values. Christian morality is “obligation” based and asks “How can I add value?” Secularism is “rights” based and asks “What is due to me?” Secularism has no unchanging value system other than one that rejects freedom of self rule in favor of rule by someone else (secular overseers and intrusive government). Secular morality is really a misnomer; it rejects both submission to higher authority and permanence. After rejecting God, the secularist certainly will not replace Him with a moral system that imitates the authority of God.

Secularism has the audacity to think control by intellectual drones can improve on the combined wisdom of parents, producers, and individuals running their own lives.  A major cause for secularism’s epic failures is that it’s refusal to learn from the past.  After rejecting the wisdom of the Christian past, it refuses to admit and learn from its own failures. One example:  It seems not to comprehend that freedom is a prerequisite to creativity and innovation, and ultimately prosperity. It takes humility to admit failure, a quality the ruling class despises. To admit failure is to acknowledge inadequacy; far better to double down and blame others.

The Christianity of the past has a blemished record. We remember Christian brethren slaying one another in “wars of religion”.  We remember religion using its power to crush and coerce the common man on matters of faith and doctrine. But Christianity did however promote the key biblical principles of family, work, and learning. These principles advanced civilization albeit slowly for thousands of years.  American settlers in the 17th century advanced the biblical principle of “self rule”, forgotten since the commonwealth of Israel. Self rule of necessity requires the decline of kings, masters and intellectual overseers. Government, whether secular or religious, no longer can have power to crush the human spirit. So arises the great middle class in America, and a baby born in a cabin somewhere in Illinois grows up to become president, saves a nation … which later saves the world.

Those days are passing. Our culture tips in the balance.

Secularism drains the inner man. Blinded by the theory of evolution, it cannot comprehend the concept of inner spiritual strength, creativity, or even free will. Its only purpose in living, frankly, is to keep on living; a spiritless, empty existence without ever really knowing why. Ultimately, it will take a strong people and strong leaders, made strong by faith and the wisdom of God, to destroy a powerful foe like radical Islam.

Which way will our culture tip? God will not hasten our destruction, we must do it for ourselves. Once upon a time, God said of a people: “for the sins of the Amorites do not yet warrant their destruction.” (Gen. 15:16)  They had not yet reached their point of no return. We see here the mind of God at work.

If we can hasten our destruction, can we also slow it down, or even reverse it? It seems God leaves that door open, for why delay destruction if the end is certain?  The end of the age will come soon enough, but it has not come yet. What does God want from America in the meantime?

For myself:  I admire those who sacrifice for America, who work to make it a good home for my children, have not given up hope, and seek to walk through that door. I join with them and encourage others to do likewise.  But I never will cease to pray: “Thy Kingdom come”.