The Deconstruction of America is No Accident … it is the strategy of an organized few.

deconstructIn The Good News magazine, September-October 2015 issue an article entitled “The Gay Agenda Blueprint notes that “more than a quarter century ago, gay strategists laid out a plan to transform the nation … with astounding success”. Drawing on gay authors, he details the six step plan culminating in gay marriage today.  Here is the link:

Here are my comments:

Perhaps the two most critical values in any culture are those that stress the importance of the “family” and “work”.

The traditional family was instituted all the way back in Genesis by God Himself when He said men and women should leave their parents, start their own families, and have children. The primacy of “work” was established when God said “Six days man should work”, in effect, be productive. He did not say “Six days shall you do whatever you please”

Any culture that stresses these two fundamentals is likely to be successful. America has done so for hundreds of years. Now, both work and the family are under intense and deliberate assault. The expansion of welfare beyond the needs of true poverty, the attack on merit and achievement, the false value of “equality” … have all devalued the centrality of “work”.

The same expansion of welfare has contributed heavily to the breakup of the nuclear family and decline of those segments in society affected by it. But the attack on the family has come also from another direction; the promotion of the gay agenda leading to the elevation of gay marriage (in the eyes of the law, not God) to the same plane as traditional marriage. Advocates of gay marriage will deny they are attacking traditional marriage (or Christianity) but the evidence shows otherwise.

The gay population in America is estimated at about 3%. Gay activists represent only a splinter of that group. It is amazing how successful they have been in their efforts. The Bible declares that lack of knowledge can destroy a people. Willful ignorance can be even more dangerous since it implies a refusal to believe what is clearly evident. Traditional American culture beyond just marriage has been under assault for decades. History shows that a well organized, committed minority can overcome a weak majority. The Christian response has not been to resist, but to flee or surrender. When public schools became secularized, Christian parents with the greatest wealth (and potential influence) simply sent their kids to private or church run schools.

Why all of a sudden, after generations of traditional American way of life since our founding, did America change?  

It is far more than just one generation, the so called “greatest generation” failing to pass on its values to their children. The transformation of America with respect to gay culture is typical of what has happened elsewhere in society. 

The genesis for the deconstruction of America that led to the “Gay Agenda Blueprint” actually began with the transformation of our universities. Many universities founded in the early years of America listed as one of their goals the discovery and teaching of the wisdom of God. Universities reflect and influence the culture about them. From the first settlements on, the Bible “was woven into the fabric of American social, legal, and political culture” says Daniel Dreisbach’s article in “The State of the American Mind”.

Transformation of our universities took place thanks to liberal stepping stones like Woodrow Wilson, president of Princeton University in 1908. He opposed the Founders ideals and had contempt for the Constitution. He viewed the rights of individuals as “privilege” granted by government, rather than “unalienable rights” emanating from God.

Transformation received significant impetus after WW2 from the influence of the Frankfurt School of philosophers such as Theodor Adorno, Walter Benjamin, Erich Fromm, Wilhelm Reich, and in particular Herbert Marcuse who taught at Columbia, Harvard, Brandeis, and UC San Diego. Marcuse wrote: “We are faced with … the prospect of or with need for radical change, revolution in and against a highly developed industrial society … like the United States” He advocated: “withdrawal of toleration of speech and assembly … liberating tolerance would mean intolerance against movements from the Right and toleration of movements from the Left … “ (The Devil’s Pleasure Palace, Chapter 3 Michael Walsh)

Today, the focus of many universities has shifted; from inquiry and learning, into indoctrination, with the aim of radically transforming society.


Ultimately, an attack upon the “things of God” such as marriage and the work ethic is a rejection of God Himself. The denial of God ordained marriage is the denial of the authority of God. It is the denial of the unique, God designed contribution the father and mother make to the raising of healthy children. In the classroom, if something as fundamental as marriage is merely a choice, then so is every other value “just a choice”. In effect, “values” have been replaced by “choices”.

And so we have the ongoing “Deconstruction of America”



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